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      Our Duty

      To realize RS-232/RS-485 remote communication!   

      (0086)-27-51518045       87561485
      BOSI electronics Co,Guandong Science Park,Wuhan,P.R.China(430074)
      MSN:   boshika@hotmail.com

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          BOSHIKA Co was founded in Beijing at 1993.We devoted to long distance communication of RS-232/RS-485.We invented many advanced RS-232/485 products .We have dozens of China Patents.
        All BOSHIKA products have laser anti-fake label!


        RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Converter
        Unique Tricks:
        1.Unique zero-time auto Rxd-Txd Enabled technique.
        2.Inteligent terminal load resistance technique.
        3.Power stolen technique of RS-232 with 90% efficiency.
        4.Only TXD,RXD,GND are needed,No RTS,No DTR needed.
        5.Build in 600W surge protector and 15KV electrostatic.
        6.Unique single-ring RS-232/RS-485 converter.
        7.Auto Wakeup technique prolongs working life.
        8.Unique RS-485 HUB technique increases load capbility
        CONTACT US   
         Addr:Science Park,Wuhan,Hubei,CHINA
         Post Code:430074
        Online Contact:


          QQ426628761   2628793648     
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        RS-232/RS-485/CAN/Optical fiber Converter
        Main Advantages:
        1.OPT232[S]-9 is RS-232(RXD、TXD、GND) port powered
        2.OPT24[S] is the only USB/RS-232/485 to Opt Fiber
        3.OPT485、OPT485S suit for RS-232/RS-485/RS-422
        4.OPT-CAN converter CAN to Opt Fiber without any set
        RS-232 Photoelectric isolator
        Main Advantages:
        1.All RS-232 signals isolaotor in DB-9/DB-9 Dongle.
        2.Isoaltor with Baudrate up to 150Kbps
        3.RS-232 port powered,no power supply is needed
        4.Double isolation RS232---POWER---RS232 technique
        RS-485 Repeater、RS-232/485 extender
        Main Advantage:
        1.Unique zero-time auto Rxd-Txd Enabled technique
        2.No software is needed. No jump set is needed.
        3.Suitable for all RS-485 software

        USB/Ethernet to Serial Port/Optical Fiber

        1.Unique USB to Optical Fiber Serial Port 
        2.Unique USB to Optical Fiber Ethernet  
        3.Smallest Ethernet Optical Transceiver

         Other Product(WiFi,Bluetooth,ect)